Here at Whitetail homes, we stand behind our work. We aim to strengthen our community by building the best homes B.C. has to offer with finishes that exceed expectations.


Luc Gosselin didn’t always have the title CEO on his business card – His career in construction started while still in high school – Framing houses on summer and winter breaks in his hometown of Abbotsford B.C. His work ethic, passion for business and quality construction soon saw him moving on to starting his first framing and form works company – Cornerstone Works Ltd at just 19 years old. At 20 he began his first market project – a single detached house in Abbotsford.


Fast forward to 2003 and Luc’s team – Now operating under the trade name CWL Contracting – Was providing framing and formworks services for established names such as Cressy, Polygon and Marcon as well as public sector contracts for a diverse range of projects, including water treatment plants, community centres, and schools.


By 2016, a new company was established to embark on Luc’s long-awaited goal – To begin construction on a multi-family development, not as a hired trade, but as a developer himself – Whitetail Homes was born. In just four years, Whitetail Homes have completed hundreds of multi-family housing units, with hundreds more in development or under construction, and established a reputation among homeowners and realtors as a quality, trusted developer.


Local Builder, Locally Committed

Buying a home from Whitetail means you’re supporting a local builder from the Lower Mainland, that employs local trades and local employees. Whitetail Homes is committed to operating exclusively in British Columbia, so you can be assured that when you buy with Whitetail Homes, your purchasing dollars will go right back into our local economy.

A Commitment To Quality

There’s a reason Whitetail Homes has attracted such a large following – we’ve established ourselves as a standard other developers strive to meet in the Fraser Valley. Lineups, thousands of registrations, and wait lists are commonplace when a new Whitetail Homes development is announced. It all comes down to Whitetail’s commitment to quality.

Environmental Sustainability

We only have one planet to call home, and Whitetail Homes recognizes the need for environmental stability when constructing homes for British Columbia’s growing population. Whitetail is committed to achieving or exceeding all environmental standards put forth by the B.C. Building Code, Step Code, and the use of Built Green technologies.

Union & Living Wage Supporter

Whitetail Homes is a proud supporter of our unionized tradespeople and a living wage employer – Our philosophy is all employed in building Whitetail homes, should have a chance to own one. It starts with a comfortable wage and the security of a generous benefits package for all full-time employees.

Promoting a Safe,
Respectful Workplace

At Whitetail we believe that the workplace should be a respectful environment, full of positive reinforcement and free from harassment. We are committed to supporting the positive mental health and wellbeing of all employees. Whitetail’s leadership is proud to have an “open door” policy with respect to workplace safety and hold “toolbox” meetings every week to discuss safety concerns and accident prevention.


#10 – 20360 Logan Ave, Langley
(Parking & entrance on Locke Lane)